Mind Twists

As some of you are aware, over the last few years I have had the great pleasure of working with applied cold reading expert, magician and all round super clever bloke, Ian Rowland.

Ian has taught some of his mind boggling skills to the like of Derren Brown, The FBI, The Olympic GB team and of course me.

He has very kindly given me permission to share with the readers of the People Building Newsletter -completely free of charge as a special Christmas gift- a copy of a talk he recently gave which details the amazing techniques that you can learn to:

- Persuade anyone to do anything
– How you can achieve happiness – and what does that really mean?

Quite frankly I didn’t have to try very hard to create this gift for you, but it was such a great gift to me, I wanted you to have it too.

Download your copy of Mind Twists here.


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