The Dramatic NLP Podcast!!!!

You need drama in your life. You need it because if you do not have it, you’ll go off and unconsciously create it in the worst possible ways. Finding problems that do not exist, manifesting illness, causing rows and arguments. If you do not create your drama in your life that motivates, inspires and drives… READ MORE

A Master Practitioner of Problems

Sometimes overcoming challenges is easy – and sometimes less so. A great strategy for taking control of challenges is to do the absolute opposite of trying to get rid of it and instead study the skills you need and use in order to create it. Forget about getting rid of problems. Instead rudely interrupt them.… READ MORE

Away From Podcast

Think positive and always look on the bright side. Focus on what you want. Whatever you think about the universe will send your way. Your thoughts become things. Rubbish. Find out why in this show! Like What You See?


You know I never wanted to become that person that says “There comes a point in life when…” because I heard so many adults say that when I was younger. It was a sure sign that they were old and I was young. In this podcast we explore the ways in which we can deal… READ MORE

You Are Rewarded

These days we are bombarded with rewards. There was a time when rewards were for children and stickers on a star chart but now rewards have crept into the adult world. Does having a reward always lead you to behaving in the best possible way or are you better off going without? Find out in… READ MORE

The “Getting Help” Podcast

After a while, it’s easy to get used to doing stuff alone – and doing it well. In some ways when you then have to start delegating to others it can be difficult to let go and see them doing things in a totally different way to how you would do it. In this podcast… READ MORE

Getting Grief

This podcast will teach you that there are many things that can be grieved-from a lost relationship to a situation. Plus there are some simple strategies to help you manage the effects of grief and to keep faith that you will come out the other side of it. Like What You See?

Pickled Eggs Podcast

Yes it is a metaphor! If you get it I’d love to know so whiz and email over to gemm@peoplebuilding.co.uk, pop you comment below (if you’re listening on the website) or add your two-pennies worth on my facebook – hypnogem if you need to look me up. Enjoy! Like What You See?

The Podcast, Outside

Do you spend too much time in your own head? Well that’s where all the problems are! Listen to this podcast to discover the benefits of being outside. Like What You See?

The Podcast of Stress

Are you stressed out? Perhaps it’s time to take back the reins of your life instead of being pulled along and hoping for the best. A life without any stress whatsoever would be dull! Stress is our natural way to respond to challenges in life. However, a lot of the stress in our lives is… READ MORE

The Podcast of Trust

We all possess some level of this important emotion already. Even if there are trust issues currently in your life there are certain things that you can continue to trust. This podcast explores the relationship between what we trust externally and what is going on for us internally. Like What You See?

The Realistic Podcast

Set a Goal? FAILED? Maybe it wasn’t realistic. You might have had all the will in the world but if it wasn’t realistic it was never going to be possible. Here we find out what it really means to “get real.” Like What You See?

All in the Nick of Time

This podcast explores the ways in which we can manipulate our problems using time, space and energy. Simply by being a little more savvy with your language, you can put your problems in the past and illuminate your future with happiness and success. Like What You See?


Want to get slick at life? Want to save yourself time and energy so that you can do better things? Then this is the show for you. It’s time to Streamline! Like What You See?

New Year New Rules Podcast

With the help of a previously written article, Gemma explore the way in which you can state your New Years resolutions to really make them work. There is also a session of hypnosis at the end of the show to get you all set for 2011. Like What You See?

Getting Fat

In this podcast Gemma explores the reasons why human beings are drawn towards fatty foods and uncovers the techniques that can be used to overcome fat cravings. The perfect antidote to the festive food and alcohol that might be about to start expanding your waistline! Like What You See?


I have a VERY USEFUL free book for you: “77 Habits of Highly Successful Coaches” AND free membership to the Academy of Professional Coaching with the option to attend a free two-day seminar (which is £299 + vat to non-members.) Go to www.TheAcademyOfProfessionalCoaching.com and fill in your name and email and then on the second… READ MORE


In this podcast Gemma talks about the ways in which hypnosis and NLP can be used to target IBS and alleviate the symptoms. There is also a relaxation session aimed to settle tummies and have everything working internally just as it should And…. I have a VERY USEFUL free book for you: “77 Habits of… READ MORE

Giving Forgiveness

We take a look at what you gain when you learn to forgive and what you lose if you do not. We also go through the main points of the NLP forgiveness model to help you forgive all those scallywags that wronged you in the past. Our relaxation session focuses on forgiving those who trespassed… READ MORE

The Final Video Podcast

Yes it’s true it is the final video podcast but worry not, if you are a member of the People Building Members club you’ll soon be getting a video in your membership pack! If you haven’t signed up for this already, head over to www.specialofferfromgemma.com and enjoy 30 days free membership. Like What You See?

Give More Love

In our new format podcast, Gemma gives advice for ways in which you can increase the degree of love you express as well as hints and guides for how and when to express love. The relaxation continues the theme and is designed to help you get in touch with your ability to love more. Like… READ MORE

Me and My Personality Disorders

In this show Gemma reveals the results of her “personality disorder test” and gives hints and tips from the world of NLP to help whose who have a genuine diagnosis – not like the one she received online! Plus there is an update on the shows stats and our progress towards quarter of a million… READ MORE

Ease My Guilty Mind

In this show Gemma discovers a link between the NLP presuppositions and some Buddhist anecdotes about guilt. She also highlights the occasions when guilt is unjustified and being used as a weapon to manipulate. Plus there is some baaaddd feedback about the show on http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/people-building/id268279301 and apparently Gemma is starting a cult! If you’d like… READ MORE

Hypnotic Sales Skills

Using a very simple process, Gemma teaches an NLP language pattern to help you overcome resistance when selling. Now selling doesn’t just apply to used cars salesmen! You are all selling everyday- selling the idea to your boss that you should leave half an hour early today, selling the film you want your partner to… READ MORE

The Truth About Tourettes

In this episode we explore the mystery behind tourettes syndrome and the causes for the symptoms that exist. During this episode Gemma makes a sudden discovery about a family member….. There is a lovely session of relaxation to help ease stress and tension and an introduction to some brilliant People Building Products, including the members… READ MORE