Sloth – The 7 Deadly Sins Summer Series

In the final of the summer series (can’t believe the summer is over already!) we take a look at not just the deadly sin of sloth but the comparison between the slow hairy creatures and humans. Or is that the comparison between the slow hairy creatures and sloths?! Plus there is a relaxing session to… READ MORE

Wrath – The 7 Deadly Sins Summer Series

The biological effects of the feelings of wrath and how to over come it by way of our favourite self development skills. PLUS there is a very special offer (www.specialofferfromGemma.com) from Gemma which she has previously kept secret from all of the podcasts….. Welcome to the People Building members club. Like What You See?

Gluttony – The 7 Deadly Sins Summer Series

This weeks show is all about healthy diets and the history of gluttony. Plus we explore the neurological effects of over eating and the links between food and highly addictive substances. There is also some linguistic effects to increase your motivation to lose weight and take good care of your body. Like What You See?

Envy – The 7 Deadly Sins Summer Series

We continue our summer series and this week it’s the turn of Envy to rear it’s ugly head. In this podcast you will discover the differences between jealousy and envy and how envy can be better managed, using an all new NLPtype technique. We will also uncover the reason why the colour green is so… READ MORE

Pride – The 7 Deadly Sins Summer Series

In the start of our Summer Series “The 7 Deadly Sins” we begin by looking at the positive and negative implictaions of pride. The consequences of not having enough, and how to “ground yourself” if you have too much. Plus we discover how pride and ecology can work well together. There are some special shout… READ MORE

It’s a Terrible Thing, Jealousy.

In this show we explore the human emotion of jealousy. An emotion experienced by most at some point in their life and difficult to control unless you have some techniques up your sleeve. Here are said techniques and you can pop them up your sleeve right now. There is also a relaxing, jealousy releasing session… READ MORE

Emotional Brain Trauma

This week’s podcast is all about Dirk Hamer syndrome and the fascinating effects that negative emotional events have on out brain and our body. Using the wise words of Dr. Hamer himself, we gain an insight into the ideal future for human health and well being and our relationship with doctors and medicine. There is… READ MORE

Anxiety and Panic, Panic, Panic

In this show Gemma shares some tips from Dr Richard Bandler regarding dealing with panic and anxiety. Gemma has a cough so please excuse the croaky voice. It’s a temporary feature. There is also an entire hypnosis script shared and feedback from listener land. Plus a nice (if slightly croaky) session of relaxation. Like What… READ MORE

Gemma IS Quitting Her Work

Is it the end? Listen to this show to find out. Here’s a clue though, this is the last show to be published by mypodcast.com. So you will need to resubscribe to itunes (if you download the show there)  in order to get the future shows. Do this on or after 19th April 2010 this… READ MORE

The New Home of the PB Podcast

WE HAVE MOVED!!!! Hello People and welcome to the new home of the People Building Podcast! Here is what you need to know about the change over: Our old podcast publisher sucked! There were always problems with uploading the show to their site and I was so frustrated I thought all my hair might fall… READ MORE