Management Training

For leadership training and management training:
To establish your training needs, we will first meet with directors or department heads for a strategy meeting.

The purpose of the strategy meeting is to discuss how your teams are currently performing and to identify the required areas of improvement.

The training we offer is a minimum of one day. For some organisations we run training for several consecutive days and then provide refresher sessions which are scheduled quarterly. NLP for executives can be delivered in a flexible way as we know how challenging it can be to find the time to increase your skills.

For other companies, we work with their staff on a more consistent basis, such as delivering 24 scheduled sessions for 2 days each month over the course of one year. It all depends on what is best going to suit your team leaders.

Our programmes are as unique as the individuals in your organisation and will always be custom created to suit your needs. The common threads that run throughout our training’s are effective techniques from NLP, linguistics, reading body language and strategies to positively affect and influence human behaviour.

We keep the skills we teach straight forward so that leaders and managers not just learn on the day, but also understand how to implement what they have learned so that they are able to integrate it successfully into their working lives. When we deliver NLP for executive, the best results are achieved when a commitment is made to utilise the skills moving forward, not just on the training days in the training room.

We know that there is lots of jargon in business and we won’t bog you down with more. Every principle we teach will be in simple terminology so that it can easily be remembered.

Typically the team leaders we work with are seeking training in one or more of the following area.

  • Rapport building and communication skills
  • Improving attitude and performance
  • State management in stressful environments
  • Conflict resolution
  • Presentations skills
  • Understanding buying strategies
  • Overcoming failure mind sets
  • Reframing negative outcomes into positive learning experiences
  • Sales techniques
  • People management
  • Management training
  • Leadership training

For more information please call 0203 6677294.


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