Our one to one coaching sessions are lead by a qualified coach who is accredited by CPD Approved. This means that our coaches undertake regular retraining to give an assurance of consistent quality.

1:1 coaching is a safe, confidential way for team leaders and staff to explore ways of overcoming work related or, if appropriate, personal challenges.

Coaching is a highly focused way to evaluate what is currently effective, and to build and design with your coach, strategies for overcoming that which is not working effectively.

Typically coaching involves helping an individual to find their own solutions within themselves. Rest assured – our coaches are highly skilled and if they are able to provide a solution, they won’t waste precious time waiting for an individual to stumble across the realisation they need. If it is appropriate to do so, we’ll give you the steps needed to start achieving better results as soon as possible.

Coaching sessions are always evaluated so that progress can be tracked and measured.  This can prove to be particularly helpful for organisations who want to track and monitor performance and progress in conjunction with targets, disciplinary action or crisis.

Please call 0203 6677294 for more information.

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