Would You Like To Join Our Award-Winning Franchise?

(Winners of Online Innovation)

Everything you need to know about becoming a licenced NLP coach with People Building is in our franchise brochure which you can download here, read in the preview box below or pop your details into the secure form below and we’ll email it over. Please read this thoroughly.

As a result of attending our Accredited NLP Practitioner Training: Part 1 (pre-course home study) & Part 2 (live online training) you may have the opportunity to become a licenced coach with us.

This means that you are able to work using the People Building branding instead of white label copies of our materials, plus we fully support you in the setup and ongoing growth of your business.

If you already are operating as a coach and have your own brand established (or intend to have your own brand in the future, we will advise you on how best to integrate or indeed keep the two brands separate.

There are no geographical restrictions on our license which means you can work anywhere in the world, seeing client face to face or on Zoom. You can also team up with other practitioners nearby to run corporate workshops and events.

Licensing is a big commitment, it’s a minimum of 5 years and whilst there are no “get out” costs at the end, there is an ongoing monthly fee of £120 per month to enable us to provide all of the support and resources listed in our franchise brochure. It’s a big commitment for us too, and as such we ask that anyone who wishes to become a licensee jump through a few hoops first, so we can check you are right for us.

To make sure you have had time and space to think it through completely, we will give you up to 3 months after training with us to make a decision about pursuing a licence with us. We understand it’s a commitment so there’s no pressure either way.

We strongly recommend that you book a one to one meeting with our company director: https://peoplebuilding.youcanbook.me

Before agreeing to licence you, we will ask for:

  • A face to face interview (this can be on Zoom)
  • A formal application form
  • 2 References
  • A DBS check
  • A health questionnaire


Our licence agreement was written by top-notch franchising lawyers called Leathes Prior. It’s a legal document and is not to be taken lightly. As such we are happy for you to have this checked by your own legal representative before committing to the team. Just let us know when the time is right and we will send over a copy to you. Email gemma@peoplebuilding.co.uk or give us a call on 0345 3192666.

Click here for a list of what is included in our licence

It’s important that you are certain a licence is right for you financially. Here are some documents that can help you make sure you have got the numbers right for you.

Click this link to see our 3-year financials with a blank copy of our profit planner template for you to complete and send back to us before we agree to licence you. This is a large file so it will download as a zip folder. You will need to open the zip folder on a computer and not a tablet or phone.