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NLP is an understanding of how we code our life experiences and give them meaning. By understanding this, we can use strategies and techniques to create change in our behaviour and results, which help us to maximise our potential. More and more people are realising the value of NLP in enabling them to become more effective in their chosen field. In fact, NLP techniques and models are now being used in a diverse range of areas including education, business and human resources, sport, personal development and health.


NLP techniques enhance a variety of business activities. They are often present in courses about selling, presenting and team-building. Other applications include: teaching people to communicate more effectively and persuasively, public speaking and presentations, detecting decision-making strategies in others, enhancing training by belief and value work. All of which are practical tools to achieve peak performance and boost motivation. That’s jolly handy if you’re one of those important people who has to wear a suit to work.


NLP provides a model of how we communicate with ourselves and others and can be used in teaching to improve the ability to impart information. For example, identifying the natural learning styles of others, using presuppositions and language patterns to elicit states in learners that are congruent with learning. What this means is that just by using specific language techniques you will be able to activate interest and desire to listen and learn. Teachers can discover how to meet the needs of individual learning styles to offer better opportunities to their students. Our sister site NLP4Kids gives you the opportunity to use your NLP skills with little clients to really feel as if you are making a difference to the lives of children.


Sports men and women use NLP to access instant motivation and achieve consistent peak performance.

NLP is used by sport coaches to aid their clients in reaching and maintaining performance levels. Interventions include modelling and learning successful strategies from leaders in sporting fields, setting performance goals and overcoming plateaus and blocks.

Health and Therapy

NLP offers a cognitive model and practical tools that can help you improve the health of yourself and others. It is becoming widely accepted within mainstream healthcare that there is a link between our thoughts, behaviour and health. NLP practitioners who choose to work within therapy can help individuals lead more satisfying lives in a number of ways. This may include, helping individuals to change limiting beliefs, habits and behaviour, facilitating people to manage states and emotions and helping individuals to find meaning in life by setting achievable well-formed goals. For those interested in helping others or themselves to be free of negative emotions from the past, NLP is widely used in therapeutic environments due to the speed of the therapeutic effect. It’s speedy quick.

Doing the live NLP practitioner training is the best way to become a master of your thinking and emotions. This means that you will learn how to have greater control over your own life and well-being as well as being able to positively influence those around you.

In days gone by, people became NLP practitioners solely to use the skills in a therapeutic context. Now-a-days we are all much more aware of our own self development and the positive effects of being able to use effective strategies to get ourselves achieving more and feeling bad less. This is applicable in many context throughout life- work, education, sports and more.

Here are the main components of our live training which has been examined and certified as the bees knees by The ANLP and ABNLP.

  • An understanding of the Mind- Body connection
  • Understand and read body language
  • NLP Presuppositions which positively influence your world
  • Enter someone else’s world for greater understanding of others
  • Communicate effectively
  • Have better rapport and quickly gain a connection with others
  • Fire off positive states in others and yourself at will (Anchoring)
  • Remove bad feelings associated to triggers from the past
  • Change your unwanted feelings and behaviours
  • Learn to say ‘No’ whilst avoiding conflict
  • Elegantly persuade and influence others
  • Illicit someone’s buying strategy
  • Understand and utilise the strategies that we each run
  • Understand a persons eye movements so that you can understand the strategies they use, and custom your sales techniques for maximum results
  • Design and install strategies for yourself and others to rapidly achieve your desired results
  • Discover the unique ways in which our nervous system processes information from our senses
  • Learn how to match the preferred sensory preferences of others to create congruent communication
  • Understand others eye movements to understand how they are processing information internally
  • Understand the coding used by your nervous system and create better experiences of life
  • Understand habits and create new empowering alternatives in a moment.
  • Create new empowering beliefs
  • Learn the Fast Phobia model to remove a lifetime phobia in minutes
  • Set goals and well formed outcomes that can be achieved with ease
  • Utilise questioning techniques that help a person identify their objectives.
  • Learn language patterns that create change in a persons internal representation
  • Use your language to create trance in others (Milton Model)
  • Use your language to get more specificity and deeper meaning within your conversation (Meta Model)
  • Influence and negotiate with ease and power
  • Change others with the art of conversation to enable them to become solution focused
  • Learn about the prime directives and functions of your unconscious mind
  • Use verbal and non verbal suggestion

This training is 7 days and is complimentary to the Part 1: NLP Practitioner home study theory which is also included in the price below.

So we are giving you:

  • Part 1: NLP Practitioner Theory home study kit contains over 7 hour of NLP audio CD’s and a 111 page NLP training manual presented in a People Building hardback ringbinder
  • Part 2: NLP Practitioner Practical is 7 days consecutive training from 9:00am – 6:00pm on Sat 8th September – Fri 14th September 2018, at the Box Moor Trust Centre, London Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 2RE.

Once you have completed the Part 2: NLP Practitioner Practical training you are able to register with the ANLP and ABNLP. This accredited qualification can be used in a business, coaching or within a therapeutic setting.

The best investment into your self development you will ever make is going to cost you just £3600

Trust me, you’re worth every penny.

If you would like to split your payment into two or more installments, please call us 0203 6677294 to arrange this. Be aware that installment payments may incur additional charges.

Please give yourself adequate time to complete the home study programme. This comes with an open book test paper which must be returned at least 2 weeks prior to the training start date. Therefore you will need to begin your studies at least 1 month before the training.

If you have any questions, please call 0203 6677294

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