NLP Coaching Franchise FAQs – Click the questions to view the answers…


Q1.How is NLP coaching different to standard coaching?

NLP is very proactive as an interventions. We give people strategies and techniques to have more control over their thoughts and emotions. In coaching there are also strategies and techniques used for the purpose of finding answers to help someone move forward. In our NLP franchise, this is similar but if we already know there is a practical solution, we’ll tell you rather than waiting for you to have an epiphany! Coaching has its ups and downs and you need to be patient as the evolution takes place.

NLP is a fast paced intervention and tends to be used for ‘breakthrough’ to help people leave an unwanted mindset in the past. It is focused on how you want to be in the future rather and takes your focus away from the unwanted events and feelings from the past.

Q2.Can I join your other franchise NLP4Kids as well?


Yes, of course, you can! If you would like to find out more about the NLP4Kids franchise, please feel free to book a 1.1 chat with me:

Q3.Can I leave the contract early?

When you take up either a training commitment with us or a licence agreement, we want you to be fully committed to it. We will always deliver to the highest possible and timely standards and we ask the same in return.

The key element is communication and if you are communicating to us about the success of your business and are following the direction we give you, then any difficulties that you experience should not result in your People building business being unsuccessful.

However, we do appreciate that life happens and sometimes there are things that distract us from being able to run our business effectively.

Please talk to us if you anticipate that you will have any problems in paying either your training or licence fees. We too are a small business and we rely on the honesty of our clients and customers to be able to budget correctly to pay our own staff on time. Therefore, it is vital that you let us know as soon as possible if you anticipate any problems in the near or distant future.

Additionally, Our licence agreement was written by top-notch franchising lawyers called Leathes Prior. It’s a legal document and is not to be taken lightly. As such we are happy for you to have this checked by your own legal representative before committing to the team. Just let us know when the time is right and we will send over a copy to you. Email or give us a call on 0345 3192666.

Q4.Is PB HQ on call for me?


The office is open from Monday – Thursday from 9am to 6pm. We are a small team of four people and we are all very proactive in responding to our franchisee. We have a What Apps group specific for our Licensees and sometimes that can be one of the quickest ways to reach out to us – It is certainly a useful way to reach out to us out of office hours.

Additionally, being a small team, there can be situations where they may be delays in getting back to you quickly. I.e A Sunday or a bank holiday weekend.

Q5.How much experience do you have in coaching?

In signing up for the coaching franchise, you will soon get to speak to me – Gemma Bailey!
I qualified in NLP and hypnotherapy in 2004 and I have been working with people in that area using those interventions every since. Throughout my time as a hypnotherapist and NLP Therapist, I have picked up quite a lot of additional interventions and strategies along the way. Some of those are from CBT, EFT, EMDR, and more!

I have worked with people on a wide number of mental health challenges such as people who have had anxiety issues, fears & phobias, bad habits, addictions and traumas.

In setting up your coaching franchise, you will have our full support in making sure that you know everything you need to know in order to be able to deliver successful coaching sessions with your clients.

Q6.Should I do the Trance Forming Minds hypnotherapy diploma too?

Yes, of course!

NLP and hypnotherapy kind of come hand-in-hand but yet they are different interventions. They cross over in aspects such as the use of language to empower, persuade and influence people. There are also a few trance states that we tap into when we are working with NLP too.

Through my experience over the years and qualification as a hypnotherapist, I am the proud author of
‘Creating Trance and Hypnosis Scripts’. This book is specifically designed for hypnotherapists. Please click here for more information:

Hypnotherapy works well in particular cases with clients and because it is a well-known form of therapy it’s a great skill to be able to offer to clients, alongside your NLP Qualification. For SEO Marketing purposes, having Hypnotherapy under your belt draws in more potential customers.

Q7.How do I access support materials?

In signing up for the People Building coaching franchise and becoming part of the team, we give you access to the online portal. In the portal, there will be several different folders. Each folder contains lots of different resources, videos and tools for you to use in order for you to set up your coaching business successfully.

Within the portal, there will be instructions, videos and documents for you to use in setting up your business initially and as you go through the folders they will eventually take you to resources and tools for working and coaching your private 1.1 clients.

Q8.Can I see clients in long term contracts?


It is unusual in the NLP world due to the fact that the interventions can work fast. However, there are occasions when our work becomes more therapeutic coaching, meaning that from one week to the next, a client might just need that extra accountability. This can be seen where a client is working on a long-term project or where they may have long-term goals that are set over a period of time

Q9.Why is the licence cheaper than the NLP4Kids licence?

NLP4Kids Franchise has been established for relatively a long period of time, meaning we have a loads of resources available to our practitioners but the main reason for why it is a more expensive licence, is that, we do have to carry out some additional checks and training that we won’t need to do in the people Building coaching franchise.

The NLP4Kids Practitioner typically works with those who are more vulnerable, that is, children and young people. This means we put them through additional training such as Additional safeguarding training and they also need a different sort of DBS compared to others.

Due to more training and checks, this results in a lot more paperwork and checks within the office.

Q10.Do you give resources for my work with corporate clients?

Yes, we give you templates for report writing that demonstrate what you were achieving in the sessions. Additionally, we provide you with statistical measures that you can use with clients which enable corporate organisations to see the impact of your work.

We also have access to statistical measures that you might be using. For example, the tools that are used to measure anxiety levels, depression levels, strengths and difficulties in different areas of their lives. All these resources and more are provided for you as a licensed Practitioner with People Building.

Q11.Can I teach NLP to others after doing this training?

Yes, but only in an informal way, such as running community or corporate workshops where you have got people who will benefit from learning the skills. In our Coaching franchise, this is one of the common paid services you may want to offer in your local area.

However, you cannot teach people to a level of accreditation. This means that people who attend sessions with you can have certificates of attendance but not certificates of accreditation. An NLP Trainer, like myself, is a person who has been through special training and who can provide certificates of accreditation to people, should they meet the criteria.

I can also accredit you to be an NLP Master practitioner which is the next level up. This is the highest level of NLP training and that allows you to accredit other people to be NLP trainers in which they can begin their journey in working with others to provide certificates of accreditation where they have met the criteria.

Q12.Can I teach hypnotherapy to others if I take the TFM 1-3 training?

The Trance Forming Minds training has three separate five-day courses to it. With this training, you are able to join the General Hypnotherapy Register which is run by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. This means that you are at a professional level in your hypnotherapy training.

After a short period of time, you can become a senior Qualified hypnotherapist (SQHP) which means that not only are you qualified as a professional hypnotherapist but you also have been working in the field for a significant period of time consistently working with clients.

In order to become a trainer of hypnotherapy, you will need to become someone who already has a trainer status. If you have taken TFM training, you will be able to teach hypnotherapy to other people so that they can use it and benefit from your teaching but they will not be able to use it and call themselves a qualified hypnotherapists and they will not be able to teach hypnotherapy to other people.

Q13.Will I need my own premises?

In our People Building coaching franchise, some of our NLP Practitioners are conducting their sessions on zoom and do not have physical premises from which they see clients.

Until you are established, it is recommended for you to have a premise in which you can see clients. This allows you to build up your reputation in the community. You can then eventually move permanently onto zoom and let go of your office space.

In our coaching franchise, we do have clients who come to People building who exclusively want face-to-face sessions with an NLP Practitioner, this may cut off some of the enquiries from customers that might have otherwise become paid work.

In terms of office premises, some of our practitioners work from home, which we do not recommend – due to possible distractions within the home and less of a charge to clients, no office hire cost or travel fee. We have some NLP Practitioners who do home visits, in which a risk assessment must be carried out every time to ensure your safety. A big downside of home visits is the lack of control over the environment.

There are lots of others suggestions we can provide you around this, please feel free to ask us!

Q14.Can I be a leadership coach rather than a therapeutic one?

Yes, with NLP there is a specific thing we can do to find out what makes a very good leader and to then install all of those skills in other people that might need to lead. You can use our training in that sort of environment and to attract those sorts of clients.

Q15.How do you help with advertising?

In joining our coaching franchise and becoming a licensed NLP Practitioner with us, we will be working with you to promote you and to ensure you have a fixed number of leads to get your business kick-started. Once we have fulfilled our number of fixed leads, you will have the option to continue that advertising for a fee or you can begin doing your own advertising.

As a licensed NLP Practitioner with People Building Coaching Franchise, we are able to provide you with all the necessary training and resources to advertise your coaching business using Facebook Ads and Googe Ads. We also provide you with further resources such as template letters, and advertising and marketing letters that you can freely use to reach out to corporate businesses.

Q16.How does NLP differ from counselling/psychotherapy/psychology/psychiatry?

NLP is a series of strategies and techniques that help people make breakthroughs, and change how they are thinking and feeling and this all happens in a fast and effective way by using the NLP method. NLP is a quick-paced intervention, therefore, we typically don’t work with people for very long period of time.

By comparison, Counselling is a talk-based therapy. It’s more about working with the person existing structures that they have in mind and it allows people to re-organise their thoughts as a result of the conversation that they have with their counsellor.

On the other hand, psychotherapy is much more in-depth and tends to be a much longer interaction that a client has with their psychotherapist. Some of it can focus on past events and memories in order to show the client how they got to where they are now.

Psychology is the study of the brain and behaviour, it is based on science. Within psychology, we are looking to understand what makes people tick and why they do the things that they do.

Psychiatry is a combination of both therapeutic talk-based interventions but it also has the crucial element that psychiatrists are prescribers. They are able to prescribe medication that will support someone in their therapeutic journey.

Q17.Is my income guaranteed?

Whilst we don’t make any promises at People Building Coaching Franchise, your Income is as guaranteed as your ability to work and to do the right thing. Ultimately, you get out what you put in!

The income that you generate will be dependent on your levels of productivity and your ability to follow the directions that you are given. Limiting your work to only one income stream, such as offering only sessions, will limit your ability to earn money. Therefore the more diverse you are willing to be in the services you offer, the greater your earning potential will be. For example, corporate or community workshops or online services.

Likewise, if you want to limit the time you dedicate to working, you will also limit your income potential.


Q18.Can I still have my own brand?

Yes, you can have your own brand and we would encourage you to do so! The reason why is that it’s another touch-point for someone to be able to connect with you and reach out to you on the internet.

Q19.Do I have to become a limited company?

No, you do not need to become a limited company. In some ways, being a sole trader, it does make life a little bit easier when it comes to accounting.

A limited company is treated like a separate entity from you, meaning that, if you are going into a big corporate contract where there is lots of money involved or where there is a greater risk for you in some way been a limited company offers you, as an individual, some level of protection. Therefore, there does come a point where becoming a limited company makes much more sense.

Q20.Do I have to register for VAT?


Currently, the threshold in the UK is £86,000 and that is based on turnover, which includes what is coming in and out of the accounts. In your coaching business, there may come a point where VAT is no longer avoidable and you need to begin charging 20% VAT onto your invoices. It would be super great to keep your VAT under the threshold so you can avoid other additional charges and admin work.