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Confidence Script (.pdf)

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Confidence Audio (MP3)

Download Part 1 of the NLP4Kids audios
(These audios explain what is taught in the NLP4Kids workshops- click the NLP4Kids button on the right of this page to find out more about NLP4Kids and to get the rest of this audio set.)

The People Building Podcast
The People Building Video Podcast (see below)
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What would each area of you life score out of 10?

Use the wheel of life to rate your quality of life:

  • Draw the circle below on a piece of paper to find out
  • If the center of the circle represents 0/10 and the outside of the circle represents 10/10 (with 1-9 in between), figure out your scores in each area and put a cross in each segment to represent your quality of life in that area.
  • Then join up the crosses from one section to the next.
  • If the shape you end up with is not quite a circle (it should ideally be 10/10 in every area!), your wheel of life is going to give you a bumpy ride.

BBC ‘What Am I Like’ Personality Test

If you would like to discover more about your personality, you can take a test published on the BBC website called “What Am I Like?”

Do you think like a man or a woman?

Find out about ‘brain sex differences’ and get a brain sex profile that will indicate whether you think like a man or a woman .Complete the BBC ‘secret of the sexes’ test by clicking the link below.