Our NLP Diploma is accredited by:

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NLP is an understanding of how we code our life experiences and give them meaning. By understanding this, we can use strategies and techniques to create change in our behaviour and results, which help us to maximise our potential. More and more people are realising the value of NLP in enabling them to become more effective in their chosen field. In fact, NLP techniques and models are now being used in a diverse range of areas including education, business and human resources, sport, personal development and health.

This NLP Diploma home study is the perfect introduction to NLP and focuses in particular on the initial two days training you would receive on an accredited NLP Practitioner training. It will give you the initial building blocks that will enable you to become a master of your thinking and emotions. This means that you will learn how to have greater control over your own life and well-being as well as being able to positively influence those around you.

As we are all much more aware of our own self development these days, this introductory home study diploma will begin to shed some light on the positive effects of using effective strategies to get ourselves achieving more and feeling bad less.

Here are the main components of our NLP home study diploma which has been examined and certified as the bees knees by The DLQSC (Distance Learning and Qualifications Standards Council.)

  • NLP Presuppositions which positively influence your world
  • Enter someone else’s world for greater understanding of others
  • Have better rapport and quickly gain a connection with others
  • Understand a persons eye movements so that you can understand the strategies they use, and custom your sales techniques for maximum results
  • Learn how to match the preferred sensory preferences of others to create congruent communication
  • Understand others eye movements to understand how they are processing information internally
  • Set goals and well formed outcomes that can be achieved with ease

Our NLP home study diploma is made up of the very same resources we send to our NLP Practitioners prior to the start of their training so that later, if you want to, you can upgrade and take our NLP Practitioner training, taking the cost of your home study diploma off of your training fee.

Our NLP home study diploma contains two NLP audio CD’s

Disc 1

Logical Levels of NLP
What is NLP
Communication Model & Major Frames
Conscious & Unconscious
Neurological Levels
Rapport- Sensory Acuity.

Disc 2

Goal Setting
Eye Patterns
Representational Systems
Linguistic Presuppositions.

Plus a People Building workbook containing 27 pages of juicy self development to enable you to dip your toes into the wonderful world of NLP – and no doubt to be left wanting to find out much, much more.