You can change in a day. Make a Turning Point. Do you lack self empowering beliefs?
Are you incomplete or unfulfilled?
Do you want to change yet feel unable to do it?

Stop making excuses…

Make a Turning Point.

It’s not unusual to experience a time in your life where you feel that all that exists is problems. It doesn’t seem to matter how the core problem was created or in which area of life, (relationships, career, health, fears) when the problem is affecting your whole outlook on life, it’s time to make a Turning Point. Yet, for many, weeks of ongoing therapy is impracticable and off putting. How valuable would it be to breakthrough all of your problems in one session? Just imagine dedicating that time to yourself with a professional who will not only free you of your problem in less than half a day, but also teach you the skills and techniques for you to keep yourself in a peak state from that day onwards.

Turning Point is the opportunity to do just that. I will dedicate 6 solid hours (max) of my time to you in which you can experience the full repertoire of my skills to create the Turning Point in your life, whatever the problem. This will involve NLP techniques, hypnosis, EFT, Goal setting and creating a new empowering future for you.

This exclusive agreement begins with a simple questionnaire that you will be asked to complete. The questionnaire gives me the background information that I need in order to create a rough plan of how our session will be conducted. The questionnaire is very detailed and will test your dedication to creating the changes in life you desire. We will then meet for a consultation lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour. These services are completely free and without obligation. When we are both satisfied with the outcomes to be achieved, we will arrange your Turning Point session- then the magic begins!

The Turning Point session is normally around 2-6 hours long and it is important that we are able to work without interruption. Therefore, it is recommended that the session takes place at my office, although some exceptions may be made.

After attending your Turning Point session, I will keep in regular, arranged contact with you to ensure that you are completing any tasks that I may have set for you and to ensure that you are continuing to achieve your outcomes.

Book now. Stop making excuses. Make a Turning Point.

Price for Turning Point session: £900.00

“It is one of the best things to do to help you help yourself.”