Ensuring your teaching team maintain a consistent level of stress management whilst maintaining an enthusiastic level of motivation is incredibly important for their engagement with pupils and working relationships. NLP in education is in many ways similar to how NLP may be used in a therapeutic context, except that it is highly targeted to addressing the specific types of challenges that can manifest in the education world.

Most schools and colleges offer internal training to educate staff on their own values and policies, but good rapport and confidence do not come as standard in teacher training.

Specific techniques that avoid crossing the line from confidence into aggression or from helpful feedback to overly controlling are enormously important too. When you use NLP in education, it enables you to create conversations in which you influence without being overbearing, but instead, do so in a natural and easy way.

Pupils should leave your school or college feeling on the most part positive about their experience there – as if they have been educated and listened to, enabling them to feel good about their next steps in learning. Creating this culture begins at the top with the senior staff.

If you want your teachers and support staff to become your greatest assets, then they need to feel that the school community fits with their personal values. This means that before your teachers teach, they first need to be clear about what the personality of your school is and the type of community you shape it into overtime.

Managing people is sometimes thought of (even by those who do it) as an ongoing battle. We will help you to develop a positive mindset about resolving challenges with individuals so that they can feel at ease and confident about approaching you for further guidance. Even having these concerns at an unconscious level can interfere with or reduce performance and ability.

We will develop a process with your SLT’s that will have teachers wanting to remain working in your schools, feeling supported and valued to reduce the turn over of staff your school or college experiences.

The next step is maintaining momentum and motivation levels. We can work with teams or individuals in 1:1 coaching sessions to ensure that performance remains consistent.

Elements of NLP training for Senior Leadership Teams can include the following:

  • Rapport building and communication skills
  • Improving attitude and performance
  • State management in stressful environments
  • Conflict resolution
  • Presentations skills
  • Understanding buying strategies
  • Overcoming failure mindsets
  • Reframing negative outcomes into positive learning experiences

As a training provider, we offer accredited NLP training at the Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels. This training may be suitable or you may benefit from a bespoke training programme for your organisation. Whilst we cannot promise that a bespoke programme would lead to an accredited NLP qualification, if we fulfil the minimum classroom hours required for NLP accreditation, then we will happily offer this.

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