How to Find Wisdom When You Need It

Wisdom is something that we tend to think is only acquired over time which in part is of course true because wisdom comes from our learning experiences throughout our lives. However it’s also easy to access advice, guidance, and nuggets of wisdom in our day to day lives if we know where to look to find it.

Today, I’m going to share with you, one of my daily sources of wisdom. You do have to be somewhat selective as you go through this.

I have a number of personal development based friends, my Facebook news feed is full of wisdom that these people share with me. So, I’m going to give you a snippet of what that looks like so that you can share some of that wisdom with me here today. So, let me just take a look at this first one, OK here we go I have got one here:

‘3 rules to live by: Don’t shop when you are hungry. Don’t date when you are horny. And, don’t update your status when you are drunk.’

Ok that one is perhaps more like good advice rather than deep insightful wisdom!

‘Depression, anxiety and panic attacks are not a sign of weakness. They are signs of having tried to remain strong for too long. Did you know that one in three of us go through this at some point in our lives?’

‘If you fail, never give up because FAIL means First Attempt In Learning’

‘End is not the end, in fact END means Effort Never Dies’

If you get no as an answer, remember NO means Next Opportunity so let’s be positive.’

I like that one.

‘Don’t confuse my personality with my attitude, my personality is who I am, my attitude depends on who you are’

That’s fairly wise.

‘A true relationship is when you can tell each other anything and everything. No secrets. No lies.’

‘May the stars carry your sadness away, may the flowers fill your heart with beauty, may hope forever wipe away your tears and above all, may silence make you strong.’

‘Sometimes, you have to do what is best for you and your life not what’s best for everyone else.’

There we go. Wisdom. Like I said, you sometimes you have to sift the wheat from the chaff but there is wisdom out there and if you feel in need of it, if you feel like there is a kind of gap in your spiritual understanding and connection with the world then Facebook might not be the best place to find it, but do go looking for wisdom because sometimes there is a message that might be useful for you to hear that day. You just never know.

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