Drug Addiction Relapse Script

Professional – This script utilises the relapse as an opportunity for the client to compare life with and without drugs. This can be more beneficial than the client walling in the disappointment of their relapse, which is likely to create further negative feelings and potentially encourage them to numb those feelings by indulging in the… READ MORE


Porn Addiction Script

Professional- This script is used for those who feel they are spending too much of their time and energy indulging in pornographic material. It works on both a physical level, by reducing the addictive tendancies and suggesting a reduction in physical urge and also on a psychological level by encouraging the client to have higher… READ MORE


Split Road Drug Addiction Script

Professional – I first used this script with a client who had a heroin addiction and it provided the Turning Point in the recovery. Get the client to share some ideas about their future with you prior to using this script so that they are able to fully engage in the process of visualising a… READ MORE


Reducing Drugs Script

Professional – This script is used for clients who are on a drug treatment programme (such as a methadone programme) and who want to start weaning off the drug to be completely clean. This script offers suggestions for feeling confident and calm about safely reducing their dosage levels. Like What You See?