Confidence for Exams Script

Amateur – This script is particularly useful for children and young people who have exams coming up. This script also uses an NLP anchoring technique which you will need to explain to your client in advance of using this script, […]

Confidence from Thin Air Script

Amateur- This script is used to transform even the most timid characters with powerful hypnotic language and suggestions. It encourages a client to develop low level positive feelings into strong emotions that can propel them into being able to undertake […]

Improve Confidence Script

Professional – this script utilises a timeline technique. Therefore you must establish the direction of the timeline, prior to induction & deepener as some timelines will go front to back, and others may go left to right and this may […]

Confidence Script

Amateur – this script helps the client to get in touch with previous feeling of confidence and to reapply them to situations that are being experienced now and in the future. This provides a way to rehearse having the feelings […]