Confidence covers such a broad spectrum and that’s why this bundle is great for helping in so many different scenarios and in many different ways. Whether it is an increase in generic confidence for all areas of life or when in specific situations, this collection of scripts will enable you to meet the needs of your clients.

There are also scripts in here to help your client to improve their overall communication and rapport building skills, both with others and internally, teaching them to be more positive in their outlook and attitude. In doing so they will notice how others behave and respond to them differently and their confidence will continue to increase.

Feeling anxious when public speaking or when in front of others is a relatively common problem, so the Certainty for Public Speaking scripts and Confidence within a Team scripts are particularly useful in overcoming the natural stresses that can show up in these situations.


Positive Inner Voice

Confidence within a Team

Improve Confidence

Self Worth in Career

Inter- Personal Skills

Certainty for Public Speaking

Confidence From Thin Air

Use the Confidence of Others

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  1. I have enough now to get my confidence fully up to speed and because I know from the quality of the podcast these audios will definitely help me.

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