One Reply to “Dancing Queen Audio”

  1. I asked Gemma to make up an audio for me to help me with my Ballroom gold medal dance exam. She has called it Dancing Queen.
    I had no trouble downloading my audio. Very good instructions telling you what to do. I was amazed at how quickly I got my audio especially as it had to be especially made up for me. There were very clear instructions aand I was I was very pleased with the audio. The product was excellent and I listen to it every day. It is still another few weeks till my medal exam and I am listening every day and it is reinforcing my ability to do well. I most definitely would buy more.I have told several people about the audios and scripts Gemma has available.
    I would tell people who haven’t yet tried and audio to listen to the podcasts and the hypnosis at the end of the podcast and they will be able to tell for themselves how great Gemma and her audios are. Also to download some of the free audios. I really enjoy the relaxing inner health for healing audio.

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