NLP is a series of strategies and techniques that help people make breakthroughs, and change how they are thinking and feeling and this all happens in a fast and effective way by using the NLP method. NLP is a quick-paced intervention, therefore, we typically don’t work with people for very long period of time.

By comparison, Counselling is a talk-based therapy. It’s more about working with the person existing structures that they have in mind and it allows people to re-organise their thoughts as a result of the conversation that they have with their counsellor.

On the other hand, psychotherapy is much more in-depth and tends to be a much longer interaction that a client has with their psychotherapist. Some of it can focus on past events and memories in order to show the client how they got to where they are now.

Psychology is the study of the brain and behaviour, it is based on science. Within psychology, we are looking to understand what makes people tick and why they do the things that they do.

Psychiatry is a combination of both therapeutic talk-based interventions but it also has the crucial element that psychiatrists are prescribers. They are able to prescribe medication that will support someone in their therapeutic journey.