This e-book of scripts contains everything you need to be able to help clients develop a wide range of skills and abilities that they have not yet fully tapped into.

Sometimes it is important to help a client achieve global change and to improve all aspect of their life and some problems are lower level. The scripts in this package are for lower level highly contextualised problems that are frequently presented to a therapist. This e-book contains:

Confidence for Exams
Freedom of Choice
Memory Recall
Shopping Cessation
Driving to Success
Self Image and Attractiveness
Perfect Archer
Dancing Queen
Access the Learning State
Automatic Writing
Surviving a Recession
Think Before You Speak

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3 Replies to “Collection of Personal Development Scripts E-book”

  1. A useful if somewhat random book of scripts. I’d like all the scripts to be individual instead of on one pdf doc. that would make it much better as I have to print them all off in one go.

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