This audio contains an anchoring process, which means you to squeeze your fingers together when you feel good feelings during the trance. The anchoring process allows you to have instant access to good feelings you have experienced in the past and in feeling better about yourself you project a more positive and confident attitude so that others respond to them differently. This creates a chain of events which all support your selfworth increasing and projecting yourself more positively. There are also suggestions to support you in taking good care of yourself and developing the qualities of others that you admire.

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  1. I did a search on the internet for self hypnosis. Your podcasts were by far the best as although you need the commercial spin off you show an honesty and integrity whereas other similar podcasts seem insincere and focused on exclusively making money.

    I am able to achieve a relaxed state very easily. I am sleeping better and am less likely to worry over pressing work issues. I am working with my subconscious to resolve issues in a relaxed manner and by dealing with the here and now and not allowing past issues to interfere e.g. previous attitude of an individual in a work place leading me to procrastinate or to be wrong-footed when dealing with them. I now approach each communication in the spirit of it being the first and therefore avoid negative expectations.

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