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  1. After reading Kevin Hogan’s book, “The Secret Language of Business,” my interest in NLP was rekindled. I searched iTunes from podcasts on the subject and found yours. I subscribed to your podcasts and from there, your website. It was very easy to find the products I was interested in on the website. The purchasing process was straight-forward and uncomplicated. I received my product via download and had no problems. I used the audio every night for the first couple of weeks and was pleased with the progressive relaxation instructions at the beginning. In all honesty, I generally fell asleep during the relaxation sequences! I continue to use this audio in the evenings. I felt it was very good. Although I continue to deal with evening drinking habits, the audio has become an important tool in my meditation / relaxation program. I especially like the length of the audio. It is long enough to get into a relaxed state. ; I would buy additional PB products and I would highly recommend the product. I would say that anyone who has made purchases online before would be perfectly comfortable buying a downloadable product from you. I no problems at all.

    Thank you Gemma. I do look forward to your podcasts through iTunes.

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