The idea of giving to gain is sometimes frowned upon. It is surely much better to give without agenda, just for the sake of being a jolly good fellow!

Marketing gurus would disagree. They have learned that in order to effectively sell to committed customers they fist have to give them something for nothing. Usually this takes the form of good quality content, products or services in order to later offer you something from which they make some money.

Religion though also seems to support a kind of giving to gain idea. Tithing features in Christian, Catholic and Jewish religions. Although the religions do not talk of a direct correlation between giving and gaining, tithing is encouraged to bring peace to the spirit and balance to the soul.

Lets face it, if we’re honest we’ve all been guilty of the “If I…..then I might get…..” Perhaps it’s human nature to think about how we can give to get more.

Therapists (ones that are serious about running a business anyway) work by this principal. If they give a good service, and help people resolve their challenges, they get paid. If they’re very good at it, they get paid more.

BNI, the business networking group have the slogan “givers gain.” One of their business systems is that each member brings in referrals for other members. If each member brings in a referral then ultimately everyone will gain in the long term.

Perhaps a lighter way to phase this giving to gain concept is simply to call it sharing.

If you give your skills, ideas, products or money, then those (though not all) will be compelled to share with you too. It’s a strange psychology that most people feel that they need to repay favours, gifts and the like. Most people who gain fell they need to give back in some way.

In 2010 I gave my time, energy and cash to a Charity bicycle ride, I gained a better state of fitness and a great day of bonding with friends and family members. This is a great source of giving to gain, because most of the gain was unexpected and not part of my agenda. For me it was all about the giving but I still managed to gain.

In 2011, I’m going to give you a whole day with me. In that day I’m also going to give you a day’s worth of training in mastering your mind using the NLP and Hypnotherapy skills I have developed in the last 6 years. I’m going to give you this for free but there is something I’ll need from you in return – You have to give your time and commitment to concentrate and use the skills I teach you. You give your time and energy, but it might be the best time use of your time and energy that you spend in 2011!

Learning the skills of self development is the gift that keeps on giving, because you are going to learn skills for life.

Details will be coming soon. Look out for the new People Building home page where you will be able to book onto the free event. Or take a look at the calendar to see the dates available and email to book your place.