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Free – NLP Principle and Techniques Guide

This free introduction to NLP is provided by Robert Smith MBA, a leading international practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP Master Trainer. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was created in the early 1970s by Richard Bandler, a computer scientist and Gestalt therapist, and Dr John Grinder, a linguist and therapist. Bandler and Grinder invented a process known… READ MORE

Dealing with Disappointment

There are different kinds of disappointment and depending on your own attitude and mindset you may experience the more severe kind more often. There’s the kind of disappointment that has you think “wow that’s really disappointing” and gives you a sinking feeling in your tummy. Then there’s the kind that punches you in the stomach… READ MORE

Thinking Sideways

I recently saw a programme with Peter Jones – The tall one from Dragons Den – and he was talking to successful entrepreneurs. Interestingly it wasn’t just about how they’d made their millions but a study into what makes them think in the way that they do. One of the entrepreneurs story was very interesting.… READ MORE

Hypnotism Techniques You Should Be Happy!

At People Building we teach NLP to those is leadership and management positions and work with teams to improve sales skills. We also offer Neuro-linguistic programming training online and offer courses that answer the question: “Does hypnosis work?” Facebook banter reliably provides me with article based material and this month was no exception! This month,… READ MORE


Priorities I was once working with a client who has his own business (several in fact) has a family and is also part of a project in the local community. He came to see me because he was in a state of absolute overwhelm. His employees had lost focus, his wife was completely frustrated at… READ MORE


It’s interesting how our language and words can have such a huge impact. But when you really think about it, words are just labels. Without their meaning they are just a series of letters that go together to make a sound, without the sound they are just shapes and symbols, yet these little insignificant shapes… READ MORE

Lack of Rapport

Rapport comes and goes. There’s a misunderstanding that once you have developed it, that’s it. No further rapport building is required and one can simply forget about it. Wrong! Rapport comes and goes. It’s strength increases and decreases dependant on the state of the person you are communicating with, your state, with the topic of… READ MORE

A Master Practitioner Of Problems

Sometimes overcoming challenges is easy – and sometimes less so. A great strategy for taking control of challenges is to do the absolute opposite of trying to get rid of it and instead study the skills you need and use in order to create it. Forget about getting rid of problems. There is infact a… READ MORE

The Positives In An Away From

Think positive and always look on the bright side. Focus on what you want. Whatever you think about the universe will send your way. Your thoughts become things. Rubbish. I have consistently focused on a new car (whilst still cherishing the old one for continuing to start each day) for the last 4 years and… READ MORE

Deciding and Knowing

Most people like to be good decision makers and most people enjoy the feeling of knowing something. When you have decided something, it brings with it commitment and comfort. These are strong emotions that have a sense of security and stability. They meet the need for certainty, which allows you to relax and be completely… READ MORE

Using NLP with “Others”

One of the best things about NLP is the way in which one can covertly weave it into an everyday problem focused conversation and spin it into something more resourceful. You can talk to people and be NLPing them without them even knowing it is happening. One of my best accounts of having used NLP… READ MORE

I Just Don’t Like Pickled Eggs

I went to a party that I hadn’t really wanted to attend. I went because I knew that in doing so I’d be supporting a friend of mine who was keen for me to be there. The party was held in a pub and when we arrived she introduced me to an interesting man who… READ MORE

The ME in Team

When I left my NLP trainers training, I knew that I wanted to be teaching NLP and Hypnotherapy. I knew that I would need to start up a business and start marketing it and I also knew that I couldn’t do it alone. Having worked for many years in team settings (some better than others!)… READ MORE


If you could be a time traveler, where would you go? Into the past to fix the stuff that didn’t quite work out as you’d hoped or into the future to mischievously adjust your outcomes causing them to be wildly successful, much to the annoyance of all those who stare back at the past with… READ MORE

What Can You Give?

The idea of giving to gain is sometimes frowned upon. It is surely much better to give without agenda, just for the sake of being a jolly good fellow! Marketing gurus would disagree. They have learned that in order to effectively sell to committed customers they fist have to give them something for nothing. Usually… READ MORE

Being Human

Being Human I’m (as I wrote this) in the middle of an NLP Practitioner course. It’s brilliant. I love it. I love that it is full of such effortlessly simple ways of thinking to improve your results. One of the challenges that tends to come up on a course like this though, is how people… READ MORE

The Power of Good Negotiation

In NLP there is a way of thinking about information  by it’s level of abstraction. There are various different questions we can ask to take any idea, concept or thing and find out what the higher purpose of it is, or what specific elements contribute to it. We call this chunking and use chunking up… READ MORE


I’d like to thank someone who was once upon a time almost my brother, for prompting me (without realizing) to write this article. The fact that he was almost my brother once upon a time, is a story in itself by we’ll leave that for another day. I received an email today asking me how… READ MORE

A Natural Swish

Partly the reason why I write this article is because I have started to notice how a swish pattern didn’t come about by chance and how, we as human beings seem to already have the Swish system integrated in our minds. A swish pattern is very useful for replacing negative states and behaviours with more… READ MORE