1) You tell yourself you do not have enough (fill in the gap). The gap could be time, money, support, intellect, skill. You get the idea.

A very talented speaker I know once said to an audience of 6000 people “If you suddenly had to find an extra £10,000 in the next two weeks could you do it. Most of the audience said no. Then he asked “Could you find it if not getting it meant that you would die? Or that one of your children would die.” Of course the response was suddenly very different.

It’s not the thing that fits in the gap above for you that’s stopping you. It’s the fact that you believe that the excuse is true. Stop telling yourself this rubbish, you’re real truth is that you can do and be better than that.

2) You do not focus for long enough. You flit from one idea to the next without giving them enough time to develop and grow.

In the movie “The Secret” there is a scene where a plant is just about to burst through some soil, and something along the lines of “if you’d given up at the point right before it came up through the soil, it would never grow.”

Whilst this movie has caused some confusion about how to get what you want, this is a good metaphor. If you give up on your hopes and dreams because they didn’t reward you quickly enough you will find yourself constantly looking for the next best thing.

If you want it badly enough it is worth nurturing and waiting for.

3) You give your power to others.

It surprises me that there are so many smart, intelligent people in life who seem to have it sorted but one area of their life is not causing them the happiness they desire.

For example, they may have a successful job but be totally unfulfilled in their relationship and be reluctant to do anything about it, in the hope that the other person will instead!

Giving your power to others and having them make decisions for you will ultimately prevent you from stretching and growing yourself. Failure to grow will hold you back from having what you really want.

You are a powerful beautiful being. Embrace that and start taking control of your life. All of it!

4) You blame others.

Again we have something outside of the self as the cause of you stopping doing what you should/could/want to do with your life.

It is easy to justify other people as the reason why we are prevented. Be it parents from childhood, bank managers or bosses, we can easily believe that they have some sort of magical influence on our lives that can hold us back.

But you and I know the real truth.

That we are here for just a fraction of all of time on this beautiful planet and your life is your own to do as you please with it, but you had wasted precious time. Now is the time to begin to fully live your life, without letting others get in the way.

5) You don’t believe it should be easy.

You operate from the philosophy that life is hard. As such, that is the experience you repeatedly create.

There may be problems that stop you from getting what you want or from going where you want to go. This problems may appear very real, but of course they are really all made up. They are made up of your perception of them and your fear of them.

When you say “whatever” or “bring it on!” to your problems it causes them to behave differently.

If you can continuously do something differently, eventually it becomes easy.

Perhaps you could continuously live your life differently until your perception shows you that life can be easy. It really can.

6) You lost your faith.

This doesn’t mean religious faith (though it could) but knowing that you are loved, cared for and that something greater than yourself is watching over you and guiding you in the right direction can make the set backs a little easier to take and the rainy days a little easier to tolerate.

You absolutely should believe in, if nothing else, your own ability to do in life whatever you want to do.

7) You just don’t want it badly enough.

Maybe the thing that stops you is that you had slightly deluded yourself about how badly you wanted it. After all if you wanted it that badly, you’d never give up.