If you’re in a situation where you’re wondering “what is my purpose here?” It’s possibly something that you need to discuss with the decision-makers around you (or with yourself if the decision maker is you!) You need to demonstrate that there is a place for you, but it might not be where you/they had anticipated it would be.

You are perhaps going to have to become an innovator. You’ll have to come up with ideas that demonstrate that you not only have a place and a purpose but that you can contribute beyond the realms of what you would have done before. It gives you back a sense of control and it’s an empowering thing to do.

Think about what your purpose is and then how you can grow and adapt to the circumstances you would like to create for yourself.

It might just lead to something better, you might find that stretch suits you, that that’s something that you can enjoy. It’s about taking the reins and you’ve always got the option to admit ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen here yet’ but uncertainty can be exciting. 

It’s crucial to feel as if you are pulling the shots in your own life. So if there are areas of your life where you can consider what your purpose is and take action to start making things happen for you, make some decisions, take some control back and you can start to navigate your way forward then this will make you feel so much more certain in yourself. 

We always need a balance between uncertainty (“I don’t know what’s going to happen”) which can be exciting to some extent, and certainty (“I know where I stand with this, I’ve got a plan in place”).

Uncertainty gives you variety, whereas certainty is good for immunising yourself against anxiety and panic attacks about the unknown. If life has got boring, it isn’t more certainty that you need. Instead, it would help if you had a new purpose.


By Gemma Bailey