I’m writing this having just planned the podcast for this week. The topic for this week’s podcast is Dirk Hamer Syndrome. If you haven’t heard of this before, I strongly recommend looking it up. It is a truly fascinating subject.

The key thing that strikes me when reading about this subject- and I have not yet decided or discovered how much “truth” there is in it and how scientifically well it stands up. Either way, I love the power and responsibility it offers us in taking greater control of our health, our mind and our emotions.

Dirk Hamer Syndrome came about when Dr R.G Hamer believed he had discovered a link between all cancers and submitted his findings to the University of Tübingen. He viewed disease as a “Special programme of nature.” And that every cancer originates with a DHS (Dirk Hamer Syndrome). A DHS is classed as a very difficult, highly acute, dramatic and isolating shock. Such as the death of a loved one, or the loss of something highly valued in ones life. Dr. R.G Hamer concluded this idea after studying cancer patients, including his own son (Dirk Hamer) who died as a result of the disease.

If the mind-body connection has ever been in question then Dr Hamer’s studies should put those questions to rest. CT scans show the impact on the brain during trauma, and Dr Hamer’s studies then also correlate this impact with actual physical symptoms on correlating areas of the body. For example, someone who has an emotional event that caused them to feel trapped, might experience trauma in the area of the brain related to movement. It’s almost as if the brain creates a metaphor or the symptoms of the negative emotion. Feeling trapped relates to (could be a metaphor for) being stuck, lack of movement and therefore the CT scan will show the trauma occurring in the part of the brain related to movement. The Physical symptoms could then manifest themselves in a part of the body most associated with movement, such as the hips or legs. I’m not necessarily giving you an accurate truth in my example, but you get the idea. What is also interesting in the findings of Dr Hamer, is that if the CT scan pick up trauma on the right hand side of the brain, the physical symptoms will occur somewhere on the left hand side of the body. This of course makes perfect sense, because the left hand side of your brain controls the right hand side of your body, and the right hand side of your brain controls the left hand side of the body.

The beauty of this knowledge is that if we can have such effects on our mind and body as a result of our negative emotions, then we must also have the potential to undo this work by adjusting the way we think and by resolving our significant emotional events and conflicts from the past. Some people almost like to put their lives in the hands of others, and find out if the doctor/new partner/medication/latest diet will help them to repair their sorrows and ailments. Isn’t it amazing to consider that by being in control of our own emotions, experiencing happiness on a more regular basis, and building our own resilience that we can then chose whether to get sick or not.

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  1. Hi,

    What about genetic proclivities: breast cancer, colorectal cancer, etc.? What about exposure to radiation–Chernobyl? Or pesticides? Etc.

    That being said, I used the mind/body connection as an adjunct to chemotherapy to help me beat four bouts of bone lymphoma in the early nineties. Clear 14 years.


    Bob Ellal
    Author, ‘By These Things Live’

    1. Hi Bob

      It’s a good point you raise. Obviously the article isn’t saying (and nor was Dr Hamer I’m sure) that emotional trauma is the ONLY cause of illness, just that it can be.

      Well done on keeping yourself well using the techniques you describe though, it’s a real achievement.

  2. Nice fill someone in on and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

  3. This is a facinating subject and should it be true we would have the next best thing to a complete cure for cancer, unfortunatly all of the reseach into Hamer’s claims have discredited Hamer, even the German medical board struck him off as a Doctor. In fact the medical community at large consider his treatment to be highly dangerous and a considerable number of Hamer’s clients died a horrible painful death. Could you give me quality evidence that I can read that supports Hamer’s claims (scientific accepted studies).


    1. No, that’s not my job. But I’d love for YOU to go and look for it and share it with us.

      As it says in the article ” I have not yet decided or discovered how much “truth” there is in it and how scientifically well it stands up.” I’m just sharing the information I have discovered.

      In addition, I think it is foolish to ever think that even if it were true, that it could ever be a complete cure for cancer. See Bob’s comment above.

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