So you’ve nailed the NLP Practitioner, you’ve got the bug for it and need to know more. This NLP Master Practitioner Training Course is going to stretch your mind in ways you never before thought possible. This is NLP at a whole new, grown-up, supersonic level.

Part 1: 5 Days of a 10 Day Course.

Part of this training is spent revisiting some of the NLP Practitioner material (great news if you’ve had a gap between training) but utilising those skills now on a more technical level. The rest of the training focuses on new NLP techniques and strategies that you haven’t even heard of before.

This is a really exciting course! This is what is included:

  • Personal emotional values and the values of others that drive our emotional needs in our lives
    Identifying and healing values that are in conflict
  • Change values Identify the matrix of a personality using Meta programmes
  • Use Meta programmes and values in
    Management, sales and recruitment
  • Compulsion blowouts
  • Advanced strategies
  • How to change a person’s strategy in business, therapy or relationships
  • Model excellence in others and install the model within yourself
  • Advanced Conversational change and Quantum Linguistics
  • Use time in your language to create movement in a stuck problem
  • Change a person’s beliefs using conversation
  • Sleight of mouth patterns
  • Meta Model III
  • Experience an introduction to Quantum physics and how it can create personal change
  • Learn physics for personal empowerment NLP Presentation skills and NLP training design
  • Creating Metaphors Patterns of indirect suggestion
    The Agreement Frame
  • Creating embedded commands and using hypnotic language
  • Deductive and inductive language patterns
  • Hypnotic healing

This training is 10 days in two blocks of consecutive days.

This is a hybrid training:
It is in part made up of online recordings where you will learn all of the theory and see demonstrations. You can start this portion of the training immediately and begin undertaking your assessments. You will have lifetime access to the online platform and can repeat your theory training at any time. To complete your certification you will need to attend the live online sessions which take place 2 pm – 6 pm on our scheduled training dates.