NLP Practitioner Training

Here are the main components of our NLP Practitioner Training course which has been examined and certified as the bees knees by the important people in NLP, including the ANLP.

  • An understanding of the Mind- Body connection
  • Understand and read body language
  • NLP Presuppositions which positively influence your world
  • Enter someone else’s world for greater understanding of others
  • Communicate effectively
  • Fire off positive states in others and yourself at will (Anchoring)
  • Remove bad feelings associated to triggers from the past
  • Change your unwanted feelings and behaviours
  • Use your language to create trance in others (Milton Model)

Includes 55 hours home study
10 hour open book test
70 hours on course

When you have completed you NLP Practitioner Training, you are able to register with the ANLP. This qualification can be used in a business, coaching or within a therapeutic setting.


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