The Trance Forming Minds training has three separate five-day courses to it. With this training, you are able to join the General Hypnotherapy Register which is run by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council. This means that you are at a professional level in your hypnotherapy training.

After a short period of time, you can become a senior Qualified hypnotherapist (SQHP) which means that not only are you qualified as a professional hypnotherapist but you also have been working in the field for a significant period of time consistently working with clients.

In order to become a trainer of hypnotherapy, you will need to become someone who already has a trainer status. If you have taken TFM training, you will be able to teach hypnotherapy to other people so that they can use it and benefit from your teaching but they will not be able to use it and call themselves a qualified hypnotherapists and they will not be able to teach hypnotherapy to other people.