In our People Building coaching franchise, some of our NLP Practitioners are conducting their sessions on zoom and do not have physical premises from which they see clients.

Until you are established, it is recommended for you to have a premise in which you can see clients. This allows you to build up your reputation in the community. You can then eventually move permanently onto zoom and let go of your office space.

In our coaching franchise, we do have clients who come to People building who exclusively want face-to-face sessions with an NLP Practitioner, this may cut off some of the enquiries from customers that might have otherwise become paid work.

In terms of office premises, some of our practitioners work from home, which we do not recommend – due to possible distractions within the home and less of a charge to clients, no office hire cost or travel fee. We have some NLP Practitioners who do home visits, in which a risk assessment must be carried out every time to ensure your safety. A big downside of home visits is the lack of control over the environment.

There are lots of others suggestions we can provide you around this, please feel free to ask us!