The purpose of this e-book, is to empower you with tools for change that will enable you to give up smoking now. In fact, if you fail to give up smoking as a result of reading and following the steps in this e-book, we will give you your money back!

The reason why we can stake this claim with such confidence is because of the consistent success that we have experienced treating clients who want to give up smoking, using NLP and hypnosis.

This book is aimed at all types of smokers. It can help people who want to stop smoking but are scared about how they will do this, people who have struggled to stop in the past using other methods and those that have not tried to stop in the past but believe that now it is time.
All that is required of you to be successful, is that you really want to stop smoking, now. This book will help you achieve this by guiding you through the process of reprogramming habits, beliefs and ways of thinking about yourself, so that you will begin to know yourself as a non-smoker.
To do this, this book will draw together Hypnotherapy and NLP techniques and tools, which we have found successful and effective in helping many people stop smoking for good.