This collection of hypnosis scripts arms the hypnotherapist with every possible to help their client to quit. From the high leverage techniques to more metaphorical stories with hidden messages. This allows the hypnotherapist to respond to individual clients needs by mixing and matching several scripts for the session.

Within this collection there is also the relapse script that the hypnotherapist can use with their clients should they later find that they have resumed their old habits. This script will quickly remind the clients of the success so far and the and the positive feelings this created as well as re-enforcing the many reasons for remaining a non-smoking.

Buy this now and you will save £3.00 compared to when you buy the scripts individually.

Stop Smoking Metaphor

Cigarettes and Alcohol

The Ultimate and Approved Quit Smoking Script

Smokers Relapse Script

Quit Smoking Confidence

Quit Weed

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  1. Excellent resouce to add to your collection. These scripts will always come in handy.

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