Sara Im is the author of How to Survive the Killing Fields; a story of hope, love and determination. It follows Sara’s own, true story that begins in tranquil Cambodia in the 1970s. 


Studying to become an engineer, Sara had no idea that her country and the government that ruled it, was about to be overcome by a tyrannical regime that would take her to within inches of her life, whilst millions around her perished. 


Wrenched from her family and forced to work in the rice fields, she had no idea what fate the rest of the country and those that she knew were facing. Sara was on autopilot, surviving day by day with each breath a miracle in its own right. But Sara never lost hope and she kept faith that one day she would see her family again. 


None of this would be possible unless she had the courage to attempt an escape from the slavery she had been captured into. So that’s exactly what she did.


Sara did more than escape the killing fields. She fled the country.


Now a speaker, author and entrepreneur, Sara is inspiring people to put their challenges into perspective by sharing her compelling and terrifying story of survival. 


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