If you’ve ever seen a good speaker you’ll have probably come across some NLP – whether they knew they were using it or not.

You see the influence and inspiration that they create, doesn’t necessarily come from the content. Inspiring people comes from the delivery. Of course a compelling subject helps, but it will be made more appealing if delivered in the ways set out below.

Inspirers fluctuate their tone. It becomes fast and high to create drama and drops to a slow, low pitch to embed important messages. They’re not afraid of a pause and their content is sensory rich.

Their gestures are purposeful and reflect certainty. They use their body to reflect the story they are telling without being over the top.

There will be moments when you think they are talking at you. Right at you and in through your eyes and into your soul. If they’re really good and their message resonates, this will cause you to feel a bit funny for a moment!

They’re rooted to the earth, even when they walk they are not off balance, you can tell they are sturdy. It gives you the message they they are strong and reliable and as such you feel safe investing your faith in them.

There are moments when they provoke your thoughts and just as you go to wander with that thought, they hook you back in.

If they use humour it will have universal appeal. That way those who do not smile risk feeling separated from the majority so they maintain rapport by joining in with laughter, even if it didn’t entirely fit with their usual preference of humour.

Speaking of rapport, they will generally maintain it with the majority because they know who the rapport leaders are and they will direct their attention to those people to create a ripple of rapport to the rest of the group.

These skills are all included within NLP Training. It means that whether you are speaking to one or one hundred thousand people, the effective of inspiring them will be the same.

By Gemma Bailey