Most of us have been in a position where the time has come to give notice in our job. There are always emotions that go with this- some may be relief, spite, fear or excitement.

I’ve been working on People Building for almost 4 years now and it has been the most rewarding, difficult, lovable headache I have ever had! I have learned so much and going through this process has changed me as a person- I hope in better ways.

People often ask me if I have Kids. I say “No, I have a business.” People Building has been my baby. It’s now finally starting to grow up.

I’ve been on lots of missions with PB. Firstly to create NLP and Hypnotherapy training courses, and teach them. I did that. Then to create audios and scripts and sell them. I did that. Then to create an interactive environment where people can gain access to information. I did that. Then to have a successful podcast reaching hundreds of thousands of people. I did that too.

I love goals. I love setting them and achieving them and now and again changing my mind.

A few weeks ago, I posted a message on facebook saying I would be quitting my work. This is true. Things will be coming to an end.

It’s a pain that just as I was about to give the details, our podcast publisher went off radar, and I’ve left a lot of people hanging, wondering what is going on! There will be a podcast explaining what will be happening next. You’ll have to find it on itunes or on the PB website to get the details as I’m moving to a new podcast publisher. It will be the show in question will be dated 7/4/10.

The fact that I’m quitting is not as straight forward as you may have assumed. There are things I need to explain about my resignation. I know that in the past I haven’t told you everything that there is to know about how much work I am putting in. And it’s time to be honest.

Before I gave notice the other day, I felt very, very tired. You see I’ve been working too much and too hard. I’ve had too much on. And suddenly the opportunity to put a stop to it presented itself. I bit the bullet, and I said “I need to think about moving on.” I knew as soon as I’d said it that there was no going back, and at once I felt sad, as if I was saying goodbye to some dear old friends.

Lots of bewildered messages appeared on facebook. One lady sent me a private email saying “You can’t quit- You’re the reason I became a hypnotherapist!”

Gradually, for me the news is sinking in, preparations for my exit have already begun, a replacement has been found and I’m thinking about what I will do next and how I will cope with the gap in my life. Maybe I’ll take more holidays or find a boyfriend!

Quitting your job always comes with some strong emotions. I’m even in touch with those emotions as I write, the main ones are relief and happiness.

So if you haven’t gotten onto the podcast before, there’s never been a better reason to do so. I need to explain what will be happing to People Building and why I’m going to be quitting work.

By Gemma Bailey.

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  1. Hi Gemma, so sorry to hear that you are quitting, but I am sure you have good reason to. Four years is a long time indeed, you’ve reached your goals as you said and I can understand it’s time to move on and find new goals and experience new things in life that inspire you. I guess you are more of a builder instead of someone who is happy to get into a routine. (I do realise I don’t know the full story of course, because your April 7 podcast has not yet been released). You have inspired lots of people, including myself. Don’t ever forget that, when you embark upon something new, whatever that may be. Wish you all the best and looking forward to your last podcasts! Jeanne

  2. Very happy for you, and you’ve really deserved a break – but how do we fill the void?

  3. Hiya Gem,
    I think you’re making a really brave decision and to realise and accept that you have to give yourself a break shows such depth of character and insight into your true needs. I’ve really enjoyed listening to your podcasts and reading your newsletters, I’ve found learning about your work so interesting and eye opening.
    Good luck with the next chapter in your life, I’m sure you will continue to be an inspiration and a success!
    Hannah :o)

  4. Do make you sure you listen to the podcast. All will be revealed there! I’m just about to pop it on the new podcast page on the site.

  5. OMG Gemma!!!!!!!!! Just finished listening to your podcast. You are one truly amazing woman and an inspiration. I do not want to spoil the content for those of you who have not heard the podcast yet (why not?!) so I wish you well on with your extra 6 hours a day and am looking forward to August :o)

  6. Wow! What a cliffhanger that was! Finally managed to download and listen to the Podcast to get the full story and was relieved that you aren’t dissapearing from the world of Hypno & NLP and also amazed that you have kept up what you have been doing for so long! I’m in a similar situation at the moment and get no where near as much done as you do! Guess that is why I’m not ready to take that plunge yet! You are, as Stuart said, an inspiration! Enjoy your well deserved holiday!

  7. Hello, Gemma

    I was very surprised of your announcement; I never expect that at all!
    About a month ago, I planned to go for a session with an nlp practicioner from UK (I live on the continent) and I have decided not to go on the last minute because I didn’t felt any connection with that person. You haven’t been my first choice because I needed someone flexible (I have to travel long distance) and i assumed from your podcasts that you are very , very, very busy, little I knew doing what (smile).
    At first, hearing your podcast, I thought : O, no! another fraud! but then I realised that everything that we do, ask for alot of work and nothing serios is born clapping your hands. But nothing of this nature means more to me than the fact that you care enough for your “children” to put your needs in hold. Translating this for your future clients, none of them will leave your office empty-handed, they will have a piece of you, wich is so much more then anything else that money can buy or others nlp practicioners can offer. This is nlp with a heart!

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