In this podcast Gemma talks about the ways in which hypnosis and NLP can be used to target IBS and alleviate the symptoms. There is also a relaxation session aimed to settle tummies and have everything working internally just as it should


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2 Replies to “IBS”

  1. I clicked on the podcast (I think) but nothing happened, at all! I do have IBS, sometimes, quite severly – so I’d love to listen to any advice you can give me on it.



    PS Unsure what a Podcast is, I have to admit! Please, reply when you can

  2. Hi Marianne

    A podcast is an audio show (a bit like a pre-recorded radio show) that you can listen to online or using your mp3 player.

    This one is working fine, you just have to click play. You might though find it easier to listen in itunes so you can look us up in there under the name “People Building”

    Hope that helps but if you’re still struggling let me know. 🙂

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