I have a VERY USEFUL free book for you:
“77 Habits of Highly Successful Coaches”
AND free membership to the Academy of Professional Coaching with the option to attend a free two-day seminar (which is £299 + vat to non-members.)
Go to


and fill in your name and email and then on the second page when filling out your address put “Gemma Bailey” in the ‘referred by’ field.
For expert training and advice, the APC can help. Whether you are a qualified as a coach or just thinking about going down that path.
If (like me) you felt that your initial training wasn’t to the standards you wanted, you can re-train with the APC and make use of the valuable resources.
If you lack business and marketing skills, these guys will make sure you know what you need to know to get a decent income from your qualification.
If you employ staff the APC will give you advice on how to best manage them to make your entire company work to it’s best.

to get your freebies and put Gemma Bailey in the referred by section.