I want to share with you today how it is that your language massively impacts upon your experience. What I’ve noticed is that when people are in a very positive state, their language (and this may just be relevant to people in the UK) reflects sunlight, and what sunlight brings to us. I hear words such as ‘the future’s bright’ and people feel as though they have a ‘sunny disposition’ or they might talk about ‘warmth’, for example, all words that relate to the sun and sunlight.

Now, of course, in countries where sunshine is there every single day and it perhaps gets a bit too much, this may not be the case. But that is something that I certainly notice in the patterns of our communication here, where we don’t get typically very much sun throughout the year.

Likewise, if someone is in a bad state, you tend to notice language that relates to darkness and coldness such as feeling ‘gloomy’, feeling ‘shut out in the cold’, all those sorts of words and terminology that relate to lack of sunshine.

Even when there is no actual sunshine in the air, it shouldn’t have to be the case that your state is any worse than it would be if it was a bright sunny day. You can bring sunshine into your life by putting it into your language and use that to communicate as if there is sunshine in your life when there perhaps physically is not any. What this can start to do for you is illuminate and brighten your experience of the world. So you can change the way in which you are thinking and feeling simply by changing the terminology and the language that you use as you are communicating.

It’s also a really useful thing for you to be aware of in terms of when you are listening to the communication of other people. You can get a great insight into what’s really going on for them inside their mind and inside their emotions by listening to the sorts of language that they are using. Does it reflect warmth, brightness and sunniness or is it more related to lack of sunshine, the dark and the cold? It will give you some idea as to what’s really going on for them inside. If you want you to bring more sunshine into your lives, start doing it with your language.