With reference to yesterday’s message, I’m pleased to say the website and podcast are all back to normal.

We managed to find a remove the bad code that the hackers had installed which was interfering with our itunes uploading process.

So everything is just as it should be once again. To make sure you get this weeks show, make sure you right click on the podcast in your itunes and select update podcast.

The podcast will be going out a day or two late this week on itunes, though it is uploaded on our podcast page and on the feed.

This is because the People Building website was hacked into by baddies at the weekend and there is some behind the scenes fixing stuff happening. Hopefully it will all be sorted tomorrow.

Itunes is having problems reading the feed as the baddies hid some code in the template of our website and this has left itunes a bit confused.

The baddies can be easily identified by their pirate ship and the Captain has got a patch on his eye and a hook for an arm. He has a parrot called Polly and a side kick called Smee. Obviously Smee has to do much of the typing as the Captain can’t type very fast with just one set of fingers and a hook.

If you see these pesky criminals, please call People Building on 0845 8377531 or crime stoppers on 0800 555 111. Successful prosecutions will lead to a reward of a barrel of rum.

Do not approach them as they may be dangerous. Oo-Arh.