The journey to life is not an easy one: every milestone of life comes with its own ups and downs. On to the journey of life, there are not roses alone but it comes with its thorns and barriers.

So, how the do you surmount all these odds and thorns?

It takes consciousness in the fact that good or bad that may happen to you, has already happen in the subconsiousness before manifesting in the consciousness.

God dwells in you and you are gods therefore anything you need or want lives within your grasps but how then do you grasp it? It boils down on your ability to focus on what you want and believing that you have already gotten it. It is said in the bible that,, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” (Matthew 17:20)

What does this suggest to you? It further buttresses the power of positive thinking, faith, believe and result.

Great men and women of our generation and in the past did not only walk down the isle of life with instant successes but they face rejections, failures humiliations and disappointments. How did they manage all these? Some of them did not bow to all those hiccups but they rather look within that creative power which is God within them and harness those powerful innate abilities and leave those negative experiences they encountered and rather started creating and focusing on the positives and in no time they become genius inventors of their time and our time and their inventions are still with us.

Some of them are them are billionaires of our times. As life is a journey, there are strongholds that might be confronted with. Although your vision, plans and wishes might be good there bound to be strongholds on that journey. Although, the “land” might be full of milk and honey still there is likelihood of meeting giants on the land but with that tenacity of purpose, determination, focus, faith and believe, definitely the intended goal will be achieved.

Most often is not what you encounter on your journey to success or accomplishment, which serves as difficulty that matters but usually what you come out with as a success story which impacts you and your generation positively that matters. If the mind can be programmed in such a way to believing that every step taking towards achieving success or goal has been already achieved in that, any obstacle or impediment that comes across that goal to success is just a path to achieving that desired goal. This attitude helps to eliminate and control the mind of not thinking negativity.

Negative thoughts limits that potent power of creation, invention and even leads us to fall prey to other serious health conditions such depression, loneliness and other drug additive behaviours which have dire consequences on the individual’s self worth and health.

This reminds of a book titled: Stop Anxiety & Grow Confidence by (Bailey, G., 2016). I would urge you not imprint negative thought and ideas in your mind because negative attracts negative or produces negative. This is not a science or physic class when we were taught that, like pools repels and unlike pools attract in the concept of magnetism.

Once upon a time, a mathematics teacher set mathematical questions on the white board and asked the students to solve the problem. The questions were five but he instructed them not to answer the last question because, a renowned mathematician was not able to solve that particular question. Those in the class heeded to his instruction but there was one student who came late so he did not hear all those instructions hence he solved all the questions including the one the renowned mathematician couldn’t solve and he got all the answers correct. The lesson here is that, he was not in the class early so he did not hear negative which has the tendency of limiting his innovative, creative and problem solving abilities.


By Samuel Senyo Dogoe.