NLP4Kids is very proud to announce a special collaboration with Olive Hickmott from Empowering Learning.

Olive Hickmott (author of Seeing Spells Achieving) is a specialist in working with children and families who have learning difficulties. She has already trained thousands of people in the strategies she uses and has developed. Olive is now also going to be offering her amazing skills to our NLP4Kids licensees so that as well as the NLP work we do, we will also be able to assist those who have learning challenges. I’m sure you will agree that as well as helping children with their emotional needs, proving that they can increase their learning potential is equally as important and rewarding.

This is a very special collaboration because as well as the additional skill set for the NLP4Kids team, we will be able to introduce children and parents who are friends of NLP4Kids to Olive’s excellent work. Plus you might be keen to become a practitioner of the skills she teaches.

The next Empowering Learning breakthrough workshop for families is 30th April. You can get more information here. This is a 1-day family breakthrough session for parents and youngsters.

Does anyone in your family have difficulties with spelling, reading or writing or have dyslexic tendencies? As 1 person in 5 experiences difficulties it is more than likely you will know someone. Are you aware that your youngster is bright, yet struggling at school?

With Olive Hickmott, the author of Seeing Spells Achieving, your whole family can learn the simple visualising techniques that every good speller and reader takes for granted and you can have the confidence to support them.

Use the link above for more info about the family break through session or click here to find out about the practitioner qualifications available with Empowering Learning too.