One of my biggest gripes about NLP and Hypnotherapy is the lack of professional development that practitioners receive after their initial training. As the industries are unregulated there is no motivation for practitioners to keep learning or keep their skills fresh.

Part of the reasoning behind having licensed practitioner within NLP4Kids was to overcome this very problem. To ensure that a team who are responsible for working with children do have regular CPD.

However even with NLP4Kids, ensuring practitioner show up for retraining and webinars can be a little like herding cats! That’s why we’ve collaborated with CPD Approved. Now those who are part of the NLP4Kids team can earn the CPD Approved logo to show the world that they have continuous retraining. Even more excitingly those who are long standing members of the People Building members club can also apply to join CPD Approved.

We do of course recommend that as well as CPD practitioners have ongoing supervision and will let you know when we have found a suitable organisation to deliver this.