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How to Feel Comfortable With Being Out of Control – The Not NLP Podcast Episode 29

Fear of ‘The Fear’

Oftentimes I encounter people who won’t try something new because of the fear of it being a bit scary or unknown. I call this ‘Fear of the Fear’ – it’s not fear of something specific it’s fear about becoming fearful about something specific and it’s something I’ve come up against a lot in my one-

The world became an uncertain place almost overnight and for those of us who struggle with a sense of uncertainty, the need to control the uncontrollable begins to increase and pester us into a state of heightened anxiety.

Working on those feelings is a conscious action and decision. They skills you need won’t necessarily come to you without learning the best strategies to help you take control of your thoughts and emotions.

Stay safe and well.

The current government advice is that unless you require essential food/medicines items you must stay at home. If you go out, you must keep a 2-meter distance between yourself and others if you do go out. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds on a frequent basis. Work from home and if you are not a key worker requiring childcare, please keep your children at home.

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People think that they maybe have a fear of something – like being fearful of going to the dentist – when actually they’re not fearful of going to the dentist anymore, now they’re fearful of ….

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The Superheroes Podcast – Episode 2

This podcast helps to highlight cases of missing young people when mental health issues could be either a cause or a consequence of their disappearance.

Our second case is the bizarre disappearance of Andrew Gosden, who was 14 years old. Andrew pretended to go to school but was actually headed to London (from his home in Doncaster). He was caught on CCTV and hasn’t been seen since.

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Have you made a new friend recently? Could they be a missing person?

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