How to Improve Your Listening Skills

When we are listening very often there are multiple conversations happening simultaneously. The one that you are having with the person who is outside of you, the one that you’re supposed to be listening to and the conversation that you may be having at the same time inside of your own head.

Dealing with Busy Brain

The main problem with being a teacher with busy brain is that it inhibits your ability to be able to focus and you want to have focus because when you have focus you have greater clarity over what’s going on […]

Contagious Emotions in the Classroom

Sometimes anxiety is perpetuated by other people’s anxious responses, causing anxiety to bounces from one person to another, growing intensity until there’s some big explosion. How can we avoid escalating this? By keeping a low quiet voice. Talking quietly and […]

Getting Rid of Frustration

Even after the cause of frustration is resolved for a young person, they may still have to deal with the physical effects. All that energy has to go somewhere. You may have noticed in the classroom how this might get […]