Now is the time to stop and acknowledge your greatness – your success, no matter how big or small it is. As a teacher it’s all too easy to get caught up in the day to day and let the wins pass you by. Remember to stop feeling as if you need to keep ticking boxes off your to do list. This is not about being egotistical or big headed it’s about taking the time to appreciate all that you do. It is also a time to learn from not only what you have achieved but to learn from any mistakes and to ask yourself what you may do differently next time.

Here’s some tips on celebrating your greatness:

Read your old references. When you left a job and you ask them to write a reference for you, for moving on to the next job, if you’ve got copies of those references, take a moment to actually sit there and read through them because the chances are the stuff that those people said about you was probably true and lovely. My guess is they weren’t lying when they said those nice things. So, have a look at those and you know get some real pride going inside of yourself. Start feeling proud of who you are and what you’ve actually achieved. Likewise if you’ve had a nice note from a pupil or student letting you know you made a difference in their life.

I did an exercise once when I was working as a nursery manager and we did a bit of a team building thing and all of the nursery managers in my region got together and the exercise was that we each had a piece of paper that we had to cello tape to our back and on the piece of paper, you then have to go up to every person in turn and write on their back on the piece of paper something that you thought was great about them.

What was really cool about this exercise is that each of us individually didn’t know what had been written until it was taken off of our backs. So everybody had a comment from each person in the room and I guess there was maybe fifteen or so of us there and by the time I took this piece of paper off my back there were fifteen really outstanding comments and the surprising thing was there was some people there that at that time I didn’t even feel I got on terribly well with but they’ve still written some really positive things if not about me personally at least about my ability to be able to do my job well and it made me feel really good. Even now even though I’m not doing that job anymore I still have that piece of paper tucked away somewhere.

When you believe in yourself as a great teacher, you will install that confidence and self esteem in those that you teach. You will give them permission to believe in themselves without feeling as if it is arrogant to do so. Most importantly, the quality of the results from your students will improve because a confident person is more engaging to listen to. When you hear a teacher who believes in themselves speak, you want to listen because their enthusiasm and conviction is contagious.

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By Gemma Bailey