This e-book contains tried and tested hypnosis scripts that have been written by a qualified hypnotherapist. The sentences have been designed using specific language patterns that are more likely to be accepted by the unconscious and to aid the trance experience. Some of the language patterns may read as if they are questions or statements, yet by changing the tone of your voice, you can make them sound like commands that you want the client to follow. These are called embedded commands and these are underlined in the scripts to help you to remember where to make your voice deeper and very slightly louder. Where possible, the suggestions are always stated in a positive way, to get the patient to focus on what it is you want them to do, instead of what you don’t want them to do. This is because primarily, the unconscious does not process negatives within a sentence. The scripts in this e-book have been labelled as either:

Amateur Use – These scripts can be used by anyone who is comfortable in inducing and deepening a trance experience. As with any therapeutic work, you should use these scripts only in a safe environment and in an ecological way. If you have any concerns about using these scripts with a client, or concerns about the client you are working with, you should refer them to a qualified professional.


Professional Use – These scripts are recommended for professional use only, due to the nature of the problem or the likelihood of abreaction (a physical or emotional reaction to the suggestions you have given.) There are times in a hypnotic session, when the professional hypnotherapist needs to adjust the script to accommodate the reactions of the client, and the scripts labelled as Professional use are more likely to evoke responses that require flexibility from the therapist.

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  1. I’ve found the package of hypnosis scripts to be a valuable resource in my therapy practice and would definitely recommend them.

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