A good friend of mine (a genuine one, I’m not using marking babble on you I promise – his office is actually in my village!) has written a book called Thoughts Become Reality. Click Here to get your free book.

It is an excellent read for anyone who wants to know more about the power that your own thoughts have on your ability to achieve your goals and ambitions.Quite frankly, whilst I think very highly of Rakesh, I think he is simply nuts to be giving this kind of information away for free as he could be charging a fortune for it. But he was insistant that I give you the link to his website where you can get the book for nothing. Click Here to get your free book.

This book will fine tune your focus and encourages one of my key success strategies – PERSEVERANCE!
Rakesh isn’t going to tell you to sit around positively daydreaming about what you want to achieve in life. He holds you to a higher standard than that by emphasising the need for positive ACTION.The other useful thing is that this book is written and influenced by strategies that WORK. Stratgies that I use and encourage others to use on a daily basis. Hypnotherapy and NLP are two of my favourite subjects and were a key factor int he way Rakesh has designed the system he teaches in his book. Click Here to get your free book.

I’m still slightly anxious about giving away such good material for free and will definitely have a word with him about this when we next meet up. I know people who teach similar methods that are not up to the same quality and they are getting paid for it!

So go and meet my crazy friend who wants to give away the secrets that all us successful people try to keep to ourselves! Click Here to get your free book.