Our weight loss audios contain many different professional hypnotic language patterns to support youin you weight loss programme. The collection here addresses many different issues that the client may face- from stopping snacking, to smaller portion sizes and avoiding junk food in favour of healthier alternatives. There are also audios to support you in feeling positive and motivated towards exercise and suggestions for feeling even more motivated as a result of a setback. This can be particularly useful in assisting you if in the past you have used setbacks or lack of achievement as a reason to stop altogether or to sabotage your efforts.

This bundle will support you in their entire weight loss journey and install an attitude of a healthier eating in general instead of momentary dieting so that more long term success is achieved and maintained.

This audio package contians:

Weight Loss, Getting Leverage
Chocolate Addiction
Weight Loss CPH
Weight Loss Subconscious Protection
Leverage- Motivation to Exercise
Weight Loss- Enhancing Self Belief
Appreciating Weight Loss
Exploring Food
Further Weight Loss
Eat Less
Split Road Weight Loss

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2 Replies to “Weight Loss Audio Package”

  1. I just wanted to say that I bought this audio pack just over 6 weeks ago after trying every diet under the sun. It was probably a moment of desperation that made me do it and I instantly regretted doing it.

    Knowing it was quite expensive probably motivated me to listen to the first audio- I think it was the exercise one. At first I didn’t feel any different, maybe just a bit more motivated. But something HAD changed.

    Slowly my outlook began to change. It was as if I suddenly realized that no amount of moping around and feeling displeased with myself was going to make any difference, so why not see if I can do this and feel good at the same time. I can’t hand on heart say it was the audio that did this, but I really believe it was.

    I listened to the other audios over the next few days and the enthusiasm increased. I am caring about myself more both exercising and watching what I eat. It isn’t all plain sailing, some days are easier than others. But slowly and with perseverance things are beginning to improve, it’s as if you are there with me every step of the way and I chose which audio to listen to each day by judging my own feelings and what I feel I need.

    In the last 6 weeks I have lost 1.5lb each week and can feel and see a difference already.

    Thank you so much, this was the breakthrough I needed.


    1. Wow Jim, what amazing feedback. I hope you continue to achieve success and hope to hear back from you when you have reached your target weight! Well Done!

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