Our weight loss scripts contain many different professional hypnotic language patterns to support your client in their weight loss programme. The collection here addresses many different issues that the client may face- from stopping snacking, to smaller portion sizes and avoiding junk food in favour of healthier alternatives. There are also scripts to support your client in feeling positive and motivated towards exercise and suggestions for feeling even more motivated as a result of a setback. This can be particularly useful in assisting the clients who have in the past used setbacks or lack of achievement as a reason to stop altogether or to sabotage their efforts. This bundle will support your client in their entire weight loss journey and install an attitude of a healthier eating in general instead of momentary dieting so that more long term success is achieved and maintained. In here you will find: Weight Loss, Getting Leverage Chocolate Addiction Weight loss CPH Weight Loss Subconscious Protection Leverage- Motivation to Exercise Weight Loss- Enhancing Self Belief Appreciating Weight Loss Exploring Food Further Weight Loss Eat Less Split Road Weight Loss Save over £5.00 when you buy this ebook, compaired to buying individual scripts.