In NLP there is a technique we use for categorising the levels of specificity of our language that we use, called chunking. A question for chunking up ( the process of becoming more abstract in subject matter) is “For what purpose?”

At a time when many of us are going through a period of change in our lives, you may have a sense of having lost your purpose. This can be either terrifying or exciting, as there is now a chance for you to rediscover who you are and who you want to be. You may now, for example, be in a situation where you can change your career to suit your true purpose.

If you are resistant to doing so, the chances are life will make a decision for you. If you are unable to adapt and innovate you may find that the option to choose a future for yourself is left in the lap of the gods and then you will no longer be carving out your future, but instead playing with luck!

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